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Friday, June 05, 2020
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Marty Keller Cup Minimize

The Marty Keller Cup is a year long point based competition for all BGA members. The BGA memeber with the most points from their top 5 tournaments will be the winner.


2020 Standings Minimize
2020 Standings
PositionSorted By Position In Ascending OrderNamePoints
1Halabi, Fadi100
2Ron Granholt98
3Francom, Lynn96
4Dudikoff, George94
5Pomeroy, Barry92
6Dave Mulin90
7Joyce, Richard88
7Thorne, Dale88
9Lindsay, David86
20Denton, Hugh0
20Zola, Fred0
20Ross, Robert0
20Ross, Richard0
20Melikian, Zaven0
20Gordon, Vic0

2019 Final Standings Minimize
PositionSorted By Position In Ascending OrderNamePoints
1Fadi Halabi494
2Fred Zola490
3Barry Pomeroy489
4Ross, Robert485
5George Dudikoff479
6Dale Thorne478
7Lindsay, David473
8Richard Ross465
9Richard Joyce452
10Lynn Francom391
11Ron Granholt289
12Mark McCallister274
13Melikian, Zaven252
14Dave Mulin190
15Vic Gorddon166
16Craig Downs110
17Hugh Denton100
17Darrell Doi86
19Tim Taylor80

Rules Minimize

How It Works:

  • BGA members will receive points based on their net score position of the tournament. Tie positions will earn the same points for that position.
  • Regular BGA Tournaments will have a maximum of 100 pts, with a point spread of 2 points between each net position.
  • Major BGA Tournaments and the MKC Tournament will have a maximum of 115 pts, with a point spread of 5 points for the top 6 net positions, and 2 points for net position greater than 6th.
  • The following table shows how points are given based on net finishing position:
Net Position Regular Tournament Major / MKC Tournament
1 100 115
2 98 110
3 96 105
4 94 100
5 92 95
6 90 90
7 88 88
8 86 86


  • The points for your best 5 tournaments will be used to calculate your total.
  • All tournaments starting from  after the previous Marty Keller tournament and ending with  the current season Marty Keller tournament will be eligible for points.
  • The BGA member with the most total points for their top 5 tournaments will be the Marty Keller Cup winner.  
  • The Club Championship will count as one tournament.

We decided to name this competition in honor of Marty Keller, BGA's charter member, past president, and tournament director, who contributed so much to our association over the years. 

So don't miss a tournament, accumulated points can add up fast!!


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