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Saturday, June 06, 2020
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 BGA Members:

  • ELIGIBILITY: To play as a BGA member an individual must have submitted, and the Club received, their application and dues fees at least seven (7) days prior to their first tournament.
  • MONTHLY TOURNAMENTS: Players must have three (3) individual scores posted from BGA tournaments before they are eligible to win the overall low net tournament trophy.
  • CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP: Must have four (4) individual scores posted from BGA tournaments to be eligible for the overall low gross or low net trophy in the BGA Club Championship. These four (4) scores shall be counted from, and include, the previous year's Club Championship, which counts as two (2), if the player played both days. For scores to count the player must have played in at least one (1) BGA tournament between, and including, May & the current years Club Championship
i.e. - a player must play at least four rounds of golf posting individual scores in BGA tournaments since and including the previous Club Championship AND at least one round must be between 1 May and the upcoming Club Championship for that player to be eligible for the low net and low gross trophy.
  • Must be a member in good standing to be eligible for any tournament trophy.
Non-BGA Members:
  • ELIGIBILITY: Eligible for BGA flight and pin prizes ONLY. Side games (birdies, skins & low nets) are optional at the player's choice.
General (applies to everyone):
  • Play their first BGA tournament @ 80% of their NCGA index or their own club's tournament index, whichever is lower.
  • Any player who cannot provide a verifiable NCGA index SHALL play scratch.
  • All prior qualifying BGA tournament scores will be counted toward a BGA tournament index, regardless of when a player becomes a BGA Club member.
  • Indexes will be calculated for each BGA tournament based on the NCGA differential method. BGA tournament indexes are computed based on these indexes for each player in accordance with the following:
Most Recent BGA Tournament Indexes
Indexes Used
Average of  the 2 scores with 80% Adjustment
Average of last 3 scores with 80% Adjustment
Average of last 3 scores with 80% Adjustment

  • If a player has not played in a BGA tournament for twelve (12) months* or more, they start over and their next BGA tournament is deemed to be their first BGA tournament for establishing a BGA tournament index.
*This shall be calculated counting forward from the last tournament played (that month counting as one (1)), to and including the month of the next tournament to be played. If the total number of months counted is thirteen (13) or more, the player is deemed to have not played in a BGA tournament in the past twelve (12) months and starts over in establishing their BGA Tournament Index.
  • The BGA Tournament Committee has the right to review and adjust the BGA Tournament Index of any player as they deem appropriate.

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